Potential scenarios and business actions

Our Brexit Decision Framework translates the risks arising from a UK exit from the EU into tangible business actions. How does your organisation relate to the UK and via which channels may your business be impacted? Where can opportunities arise? Based on this, can plan your response in different potential scenarios.

PwC statement on Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the EU will have significant implications for businesses and we are already working with our clients and people to support them as those implications are understood. History has taught us that business is adaptable and innovative when confronted with new challenges and opportunities. There will be significant uncertainty over the coming months as the detailed political and legal issues are worked out, and business confidence may be impacted. PwC is committed to helping its clients as they adapt to new market conditions and opportunities.

Revenue model

How will the economic development impact your business and how can you maintain revenue streams in the UK market?

Peter Heckmann Peter Heckmann

Tel: +49 211 389 0122

Does Brexit impact your business model and plans?

Andreas Mackenstedt Andreas Mackenstedt

Tel: +49 69 9585 5704


How disruptive will Brexit be for your operations?

Harald Geimer Harald Geimer

Tel: +49 69 9585 6669

Do logistics lines need to change?

Dietmar Prümm Dietmar Prümm

Tel: +49 211 981 2146

Does your customs strategy need to be optimised?

Michael Tervooren Michael Tervooren

Tel: +49 211 981 7641

Finance and treasury

How will Brexit impact your treasury and finance model in general and your exchange risks in particular?

Thomas Schräder Thomas Schräder

Tel: +49 211 981 2110

Do you need to rethink capital market focus?

Nadja Picard Nadja Picard

Tel: +49 211 981 2978

Is Brexit a window of opportunity for deals financing?

Volker Strack Volker Strack

Tel: +49 69 9585 1297

Talent model

Can you adapt your strategy to maintain the flow of talent to your business?

Stefan Frey Stefan Frey

Tel: +49 89 5452 5646

What are the potential implications for staff mobility?

Aline Kapp Aline Kapp

Tel: +49 69 9585 6469

Legal and regulatory

How can governance, risk and compliance implications be managed?

Christof Menzies Christof Menzies

Tel: +49 69 9585 1122

What are the legal implications and costs going to be?

Dirk Stiller Dirk Stiller

Tel: +49 69 9585 6279

How will regulation change for financial services companies?

Volker Strack Ullrich Hartmann

Tel: +49 69 9585 2115



Could income in your UK subsidiaries suddenly become taxable in Germany?

Marion Gohr Marion Gohr

Tel: +49 211 9817 352

Will the UK become a VAT headache?

Götz Neuhahn Götz Neuhahn

Tel: +49 30 2636 5445

What effect will there be on secondees and international business travellers?

Aline Kapp Aline Kapp

Tel: +49 69 9585 6469