Energy Sector

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PwC assists clients in Germany and all round the world – not just in recognising trends in supply and demand but also in all questions their companies could be faced with in connection with the liberalisation of electricity and gas markets. Our company's expertise in seven different specialist fields helps companies overcome new regulatory challenges, use market changes and make well-founded decisions on energy policies.

Our expertise

In addition to public accountants, tax advisors, and lawyers, our staff also consists of economists, graduate engineers, natural scientists, EDP specialists,

PwC a dedicated partner at all times

Norbert Schwieters, Global Utilities Leader

PwC assists companies and stakeholders in the energy industry worldwide – even in times of radical change and phases that call for particular dedication. At PwC in Germany alone, there are 45 partners and more than 700 employees in the Energy Sector dedicated to the long-term success of our clients.

environmental auditors and advisors, reorganisation experts, as well as professionals with experience in the utilities and energy sector.

Our employees have long-term experience in the energy industry. They are kept up to speed with latest industrial developments and information by attending comprehensive training programs. Our competence in training is also sought by companies in the energy industry.

In addition, we are also represented in professional organisations and associations such as the Institute of Public Accountants in Germany (IDW – Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer) and the Chamber of Public Accountants (WPK – Wirtschaftsprüferkammer), in professional bodies of the IDW (the ÖFA-Expert Committee on the EnWG [Energy Act], the Expert Committee of the TEHG [Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Act] and the Main Committee of the IDW), in the VDEW, the association representing the electricity sector, and on an international level (WEC, DNK).

In addition to our cooperation with various committees, we are also involved in the publication of energy-related industry information, as well as organising symposia and conferences for the utilities and energy sector.

Specialist fields

With our company's expertise in seven different specialist fields, we help our clients to overcome new regulatory challenges, use market changes and make well-founded decisions on energy policies:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Investment and financing
  • Climate Change and sustainability
  • Law and regulation
  • Risk management, IT and processes
  • Tax
  • Organisation and management

Selected audit and advisory engagements in the sector of energy and public utilities:

  • enercity
  • E.ON AG
  • EWE AG
  • RAG AG
  • RWE AG
  • RheinEnergie AG
  • Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co. KG
  • Vattenfall Europe Transmission GmbH
  • Verbundnetz Gas AG