Expanding horizons, arousing curiosity, promoting creativity

Cultural education should not be a luxury. People actively involved in cultural activities are not merely enhancing their sense of aesthetic appreciation; they are honing their overall sense of judgement. Possessing these qualities will make one's journey through life a whole lot smoother. These are all good reasons to promote cultural education, especially for young people. And a good reason, too, for the commitment displayed by the PwC Foundation.

Promoting innovative projects within cultural education

The PwC Foundation seeks to help make a contribution to the promotion of cultural education in the coming generation. That is why it supports innovative projects which promote dialogue and mutual understanding between young people and the cultural sphere, giving culture a more solid footing in today's education. The foundation supports innovative projects in all areas of aesthetic education as long as they foster creativity and initiative and actively make children and young people curious about art and culture. On the one hand, the foundation provides allocations for interesting, innovative projects and, on the other, it regularly singles out particularly innovative schemes by awarding them a prize ("Zukunftspreis Jugendkultur"). To date, the Foundation has promoted over a hundred ambitious schemes. All of them are designed to convey to children and young people the essence and significance of culture, but also the fun to be derived from a creative approach to culture.

Management initiative

The PwC Foundation is an initiative of the senior staff at PwC Germany. With sustainable thinking in mind, they are seeking to send out& a signal that the responsibility of companies and their senior staff today extends far beyond the creation of purely economic gains.

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