Financing and investment

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Irrespective of whether a company is in a foundation, growth or maturity stage: Questions on investments and financing always play a central role. In view of the volume of capital involved and the long-term capital tie-up, investment decisions represent numerous opportunities and risks for businesses. Rational financing concepts are called for in order to cover capital requirements in the long-term. The experts at PwC assist companies with the choice of suitable lenders and evaluate their optional choices of action for investment projects.


The alternatives to traditional house bank loans are increasing at a significant rate. The reasons are the internationalization of the capital markets and new forms of financing, for example in the form of private equity, lending securitization, hybrid loans and mezzanine products. The consultants at PwC are independent of any banks and advise companies such as public authorities on drawing up financing concepts. This advice also includes the structuring of public promotion programs as well as fund application and effect controls. more


Because of the capital employed and the long-term capital tie-up, decisions on acquisitions and capital expenditure call for a high degree of transparency and security for companies. PwC assists middle-market and major companies in their decisions with an individual appraisal of the available course of action according to subjective and objective requirements, and supplements them with a comprehensive risk analysis. more