Strategy, organisation, processes and systems

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The efficiency and reliability of internal processes are important factors in today's competitive environment. New challenges for process design and information technology are posed by current and future regulations. Together with teams from PwC, companies can realise their potential to improve competitiveness on an ongoing basis.

Project and change management

Businesses often fall victim to risks such as poorly defined project goals and planning, lack of commitment by interest groups, inadequate skills mix in project teams, inadequate project design, or poorly defined roles and responsibilities. Communication problems, or poor risk management, also have an impact. More than 80 percent of all problems arise at the planning phase in the project cycle, and can be prevented if project management methodologies are applied correctly. more


Successful businesses respond to increased pressures from competition, globalisation and the greater emphasis on corporate governance by making their processes more efficient and more flexible. PwC offers businesses tailored solutions to analyse, document and optimise these processes, and uses benchmarking and best-practice information to design processes matched to the company and its industry. PwC’s experts stay on as auditors or advisers until the processes are fully implemented on-site. more

Human resources

Employees are the most effective and valuable resource of a business. To ensure continued success, companies need to establish innovative and sustainable human resources concepts, which motivate employees, strengthen their commitment to the company and develop their capacities. The experts at PwC develop and implement tailor-made human resources strategies for businesses. They focus on improving the effectiveness and operational efficiency of the human resources function in order to contribute a real value proposition to the achievement of the company's targets. more

Information technology

It is the job of information technology (IT) to support a company's business strategy over the long term. Specialists from PwC analyse, evaluate and improve the complex interrelationships between a business’s strategy and the way it is organised, between business processes and IT systems, and also within the company's system of internal controls. Through a combination of technical and management expertise, PwC’s experts ensure that the professional requirements of the business’s managers are supported as efficiently as possible by their IT systems. more

Real estate

Actors on the global real estate markets are constantly on the lookout for new financial solutions to the sale and marketing of real estate. Today, internationally active investors require finance at volumes that can no longer be supplied by traditional means such as bank loans. The sharp rise in both the number of real estate companies and the size of their portfolios mean that new types of operating companies are required if users are to make use of all options now available to them. PwC offers auditing and tax advisory services developed specifically for the real estate industry. more

Corporate and risk management

Corporate governance and enterprise-wide risk management must continually respond to the challenges posed by changing regulatory and stakeholder demands in a global environment. However, merely setting up management structures and internal control systems to achieve compliance is not enough. Governance and risk management must generate value for the business, empowering management when making key strategic and operational decisions in support of the overall enterprise vision. more

Internal audits

The objectivity and independence brought by an internal audit is of decisive importance to a company when seeking to make appropriate judgements about the risks it faces. A modern internal audit makes a significant contribution to the improvement of organisational workflows and the efficiency of control systems by testing and providing advice on these issues. PwC provides expertise on business structure, strategic focus, functionality and quality issues, support during audits, right up to a complete evaluation of the audit function. more


Whether it's a question of market analyses and forecasts, economic cost-benefit analyses, impact assessments or help in a cartel or state aid case - PwC's economic experts will gladly support you with their economic expertise. We offer tailor-made theoretical and empirical studies – pragmatic in approach and based on scientifically recognised methods. The services we offer are run in close cooperation with our international PwC Economics network, with colleagues based in Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, India and the US. Additionally, we are pleased to support you as monitoring and/or divestiture trustee on behalf of national competition authorities or the European Commission. more