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Welcome to PwC, one of the leading auditing and consulting services organisations in Germany. Let us take you on a quick tour of our organisation: who we are, how we think, what we do - and how you can benefit from our skills.

Company profile

Members of a global network

PwC is one of the leading auditing and consulting services organizations in Germany, offering its services worldwide as an independent member of the international PwC network. more

Organisational structure

Across industries and countries

Find out more about our industry expertise, our areas of business and the members of our Country Leadership Team and Supervisory Board. more

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

PwC not only bears corporate responsibility towards its clients and staff; it also helps to tackle the many and varied challenges faced by society at large.

PwC Foundation

Expanding horizons, arousing curiosity, promoting creativity

Cultural education should not be a luxury. People actively involved in cultural activities are not merely enhancing their sense of aesthetic appreciation; they are honing their overall sense of judgement. Possessing these qualities will make one's journey through life a whole lot smoother. These are all good reasons to promote cultural education, especially for young people. And a good reason, too, for the commitment displayed by the PwC Foundation. more


National presence

PwC is represented at 21 locations all over Germany. Find out here where PwC can advise you locally. more