Knowledge transfer

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Qualified and motivated employees are crucial to any business. PwC offers seminars for leaders and employees in diverse industries. Subjects range from international accounting to corporate governance and risk management. Participants benefit from the knowledge and experience of PwC specialists, with expertise provided using traditional and electronic media. Along with studies, analyses and commentaries, online tools provide a comfortable avenue for research. With respect to knowledge and knowledge transfer we also support you in the selection of appropriate tools and their application in corporate practice.

Library and online tools

We all know what it's like: ten or more newsletters in your inbox every day. Dozens of messages informing you of all the latest developments. The office snowed under with media analyses. And trade journals requiring just as much reading as contact and product lists. How are you supposed to keep track of it all? PwC has the solution. more


Competences need to be continually updated and supplemented. To stay on the ball, PwC staff attend training sessions for at least four weeks of every year. And the knowledge they gain there is then passed on as part of our extensive knowledge transfer programme. more