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Competences need to be continually updated and supplemented. To stay on the ball, PwC staff attend training sessions for at least four weeks of every year. And the knowledge they gain there is then passed on as part of our extensive knowledge transfer programme.

PwC doesn't just advise its clients on the best methods of staff training. It also offers customised packages to get all the information you need across in the form of seminars, workshops or professional conferences. These cover both fundamental themes and specialised topics.

On improving performance

In its seminars PwC provides support for people who want to stay abreast of the flood of information on developments in their industry by cutting through to the essentials relevant to their own organisation. It is of vital importance therefore to fine-tune content according to the target audience. PwC's services thus include industry-oriented events on topics such as banking supervision law, accounting, credit, tax risk management or preparation of balance sheets, and also specific instruction or in-depth seminars on, for instance, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, goal-oriented project management or the latest findings on corporate crime. Speakers from industry departments are well versed in their subjects, and if required can work in-house, conducting their seminars on the client's premises. This is particularly advantageous when very specific interests are being discussed and confidentiality is at stake.

Do you have any special requirements?

Where clients have an interest in special topics not dealt with in the available range of seminars, PwC will be happy to offer a service that fits the bill.