Brexit: The referendum and its implications

16 August, 2016

In a 23 June 2016 referendum, the UK public voted to leave the European Union (EU). The implications for the UK, the EU and the rest of the world depend to a substantial extent on the agreed exit terms, as well as the negotiations with other countries.

The UK government will, at some point, notify the European Council of its intent to leave the EU. That notification triggers a two-year deadline for concluding negotiations. That deadline could be extended further by mutual consent of all Member States.

Four themes emerging from Brexit

It has been widely speculated that the UK would wish to enter into some form of free trade agreement with the EU and the remaining EU Member States. Much would depend on the scope and terms of that agreement, but no matter which agreement will be reached, four overarching themes seem to emerge:


Different Scenarios come with different levels of disruption

There are various ways on how the negotiations will turn out.  We think along three main scenarios when we look at what is about to happen and what the consequences could be.


Hypothetical timeline1 of Brexit process

Brexit is a process not an act, with a long period of negotiations. Our scenario analysis suggests a long period of adjustment could follow once Article 50 is invoked:


Brexit: strategic assessment and response framework

Because of this uncertainty financial institutions must consider their response to Brexit across their entire business and operating model. Impact and Response will differ by institution and by industry.


Our Brexit Team - Your Contacts

Nothing has changed, yet everything seems to have changed.

For sure, while the impact the UK’s decision to leave the EU will be with us for some time, uncertainty will give way to new market realities and real opportunities as we move forward.

We at PwC Germany stand ready to helping you with the challenges and opportunities Brexit brings to your organisation. We have a dedicated Brexit Team, plugged into our global network, with the latest strategic, operational and technical insights together with expert opinion on likely political, legal and financial developments.

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