The Scale programme in detail

02 January, 2019

A good training programme is one that is tailored to participants’ needs. So there isn’t one Scale programme for everyone, but a range of different programmes depending on the industry you work in. The focus of the first programme will be startups working in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals sector.

Meeting Personen am Tisch

Scale programme for start-ups


We understand that you have a business to run, therefore the time commitment over the course of the programme is designed with that in mind: over the eight-week programme there are four events where ten masterclasses and the evening events with the investors and corporates take place.

Benefits of the programme for start-ups

Access to corporates

Meet our extensive client network of decision-makers and influencers and identify opportunities for cooperation.


Increasing sales and achieving growth require insight and expertise. Our masterclasses use both to focus on making sure your business is fit for scale.

Access to our network

Fast growth is about people as much as it is about knowledge. We can give you direct access to PwC’s industry-leading experience, our client relationship owners and our SME focused products and services.

Affordable one-off fee

While others might look to take equity in your business, we think a fixed fee is fairer to you. That means you keep more control of what you’ve built.


Contact our team for more information and event timetables.

List of masterclasses – held by PwC experts and partners

Scale programme for corporates

On our Scale programme you get the chance as a company to come face to face with innovative founders and start-ups as well as the latest technological trends. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Benefits of the programme for our corporates

Access to innovation

Be first to learn about and try out the innovations that are redefining your industry as new scale-ups bring game-changing tech ideas and solutions to the market.

Inspiring entrepreneurial culture

Expand your network to include the next generation of visionaries. See how they’re changing the rules and implement innovation within your own corporate culture.

Connect with other business leaders

Join the broader community of experts, influencers, senior industry leaders, decision makers and investors across many different spheres of business to exchange new ideas and support growth.

Engage with successful founders

Use your new connections to engage with tech entrepreneurs working in your sector in a timely cost-efficient way.


Contact our team for more information and event timetables.

Scale programme for investors

We know you’re always on the lookout for the next investment opportunity, but it takes time to sift through investment pitches and proposals. The companies you'll meet on Scale have been through a rigorous pre-screening process. Our focus is to put only those with real potential in front of you.


Contact our team for more information and event timetables.

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