Case Study: Digitizing family owned businesses and the middle market

15 February, 2018


Bosch is in the midst of the greatest transformation in its history to become a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company. The IoT ecosystem creates new business models providing connectivity solutions and services throughout the entire product lines.


PwC assisted Bosch from conception through development up to operations of the IoT platform with a diverse team of IT-architects and experts in communication-, change-, and project management. PwC helped Bosch to identify future business models and to define the skills needed to execute these. In parallel, the project team worked on IT solutions to manage and foster these skills. However, the digital transformation also required a change in company culture. Therefore, PwC consulted Bosch how to guide its employees through this digital journey to create an agile and information driven workflow in the company.

Engagement Impact

The implications of the digital change are not just technical. Cultural implications for companies like Bosch are just as important as technical challenges. And from a process view, waterfall oriented approaches are sometimes not suitable – today, agile iterative models are becoming more popular in a digital world. PwC helped Bosch to go through this cultural and technological paradigm shift while successfully involving all stakeholders, branches and employees.

„At Bosch, PwC insinuated a gigantic cultural shift which many traditional manufacturing companies will face in the immediate future.“

Dietmar Ahlemann, Partner at PwC Germany

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