Crisis Management and Strategic Intelligence

Are you prepared for a crisis?

Even more than standard incidents, crises require specific efforts because of their ability to quickly and permanently disrupt your business. A company’s finance, IT, operations, legal, and other core functions can be simultaneously affected by a complex crisis.  Whatever occurs, "business as usual" becomes a thing of the past.

Not all business shocks have to unravel into crisis. The more prepared an organization is to manage shock, the less likely they will fall victim to wide-spread crisis.

73 percent of CEOs expect to experience at least one crisis in the next three years.

We believe that, in order to emerge stronger from crisis, companies must

  • Prepare
  • Ground their response in the facts
  • Establish governance via cross functional core team that combines Communications, Legal, and Operational functions
  • Understand their constituents and be authentic in their response
  • Dedicate energy during crisis to "looking around the corner" for both risks and opportunities Take action on what was learned

Forensics Services runs the Europe Crisis Management Center to help clients prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from crisis. Our team consists of crisis, cyber, legal, financial, and forensics experts. We bring together strategists and data analysts; specialists in cyber security and financial crime; legal advisors and technical consultants; project managers and industry specialists.

Crisis isn’t fleeting. It builds, unfolds and peaks, and its effects can be long lasting. To confront and overcome crisis, you need expertise at every step.

Together, we provide a variety of solutions and insights - so you can understand, prioritize and address the crisis, build confidence with your stakeholders and take control of the situation.

Facts and expertise are exponentially powerful when turned into quick action

Having the right information enables you to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Strong crisis responders understand, prioritize, and adress the crisis head on – building confodence with your stakeholder and taking control of the situation.

Graphic Incident Coordinator

You need

  • Crisis experience
  • Proven methodologies
  • Tools and technology
  • Resource capacity and wide-ranging expertise

We deliver

  • Organization and clarity
  • Speed
  • Space to think
  • Information to make critical decisions

PwC's services at a glance:

1. Prepare before a crisis happens

  • Crisis preparedness maturity assessments
  • Strategic risk and threat analysis
  • Exercises and simulations using proprietary technology
  • Crisis program build and enhancements

2. Respond rapidly and effectively from day one

  • Integrated response management and crisis coordination
  • Operational response and fact finding
  • Legal and regulatory support
  • Crisis program build and enhancements

3. Emerge stronger

  • Recovery strategy and "looking around the corner"
  • Forensic & investigative analytics
  • Operational remediation and financial restructuring
  • Lessons learned and integration

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