Deals Strategy

The right strategy for your transaction: Identification, valuation and implementation

Industries, markets and business models are currently going through a massive transformation. Globalisation, technology and new sources of capital are just three of the factors that are accelerating this transformation. Transaction-related decisions are also becoming more complex and generate a range of questions: How can you create long-term, sustainable value for your company? What should your priorities be in order to represent your company’s interests in the best way possible?

How can you develop long-term growth strategies and identify potential value creation opportunities related to mergers and acquisitions? What is the best possible internal setup to answer strategic questions and shape activities like integration with a strong focus on the future and your customers? How can you make sure you’ve got the right go-to-market strategy? And how can you increase profitability by optimising your pricing strategy and taking a targeted approach to your sales channels?

Holistic and strategic consultancy from an interdisciplinary team

The Deals Strategy team at PwC supports you in important strategic decisions. We identify the opportunities and risks related to the transaction target and create value for your company. Whether your strategy focuses on organic growth, M&A or divestiture of a business area, you need a reliable partner to accompany you in every phase of the transaction process. In this way, you can be sure that your project is fully aligned with your company strategy – whether you’re a potential buyer or seller. We work together with you and your team to develop the right strategy for your business portfolio - we scan the market and provide you with prioritised access. During your transaction, you can benefit from our comprehensive due diligence expertise. Alongside commercial due diligence, we maintain a strong focus on financial, operational, legal and tax-related aspects of your business development. We also provide support after the deal has been closed and we’re always considering value creation – from strategy through to implementation. As a PwC client, you benefit from our interdisciplinary setup, our holistic approach and our effective communication of findings and advice. Whether you’re looking for a strategy or a transactions consultant, or a tax or legal expert: Our experienced team will understand your business, will customise our approach to fit your needs and will offer expertise from across industries.

Focus on the future: Increasing your company’s value

Our support goes beyond strategy consulting – which is part of our DNA. We help you to set the right strategic priorities for long-term and profitable growth. We use our cross-industry expertise to offer practical solutions that help you achieve your goals. From acquisitions through to mergers or takeovers: We’re the reliable partner for developing M&A strategies and conducting successful transactions. Let’s identify your next transaction target. Together, we will find out how the right transaction can increase your company’s value over the long-term and create the best possible setup for dealing with future challenges related to disruptive market environments in the digital age. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we will make your deal a success – even in times of great change.

“Deals strategy” is part of our transaction process. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

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