Digital Service Ecosystem

How can a medical device manufacturer develop a digital service ecosystem to generate new revenue streams?


A global player in the highly competitive medical device industry approached us to extend their core offering into digital services and connected devices. Like many traditional device manufacturers, our client was challenged by the need to elevate their products into the closely connected eHealth ecosystem.​ We were tasked with assessing the MVP of an application with an integrated digital service developed for a new customer segment. We were to define the usability and desirability of the offering in addition to its business viability in advance of the beta product launch.


Based on additional in-depth market research, we modelled short- and long-term business scenarios and constructed a product-market-fit for the MVP. Ultimately, we advised against releasing the app as the unmet user needs were too crucial to ignore. This recommendation not only helped the client to avoid a failed product release, but we also defined new value propositions for key user groups and a go-to-market strategy, sharpened their service positioning, and presented a business development plan for their digital expansion.

Research led to the best possible advice for transitioning into the digital sphere.

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