Energy Consumption Management

How can an energy provider develop new products that solve real user needs?


As one of the world’s leading energy service providers, our client constantly strives to develop pioneering solutions and customer services in the field of energy. One of their central strategic topics focusses on smart home applications and the search for relevant use cases to create an ecosystem that both integrates a range of products and provides valuable services for customers.​ Our client contacted us in order to improve their understanding of customer needs and create a set of value propositions that would align energy-related topics with the smart home.


During three sprints, we guided a dedicated team through a journey creation and value proposition development process. Based on the outcomes of the workshops and co-creation sessions, UX/UI prototypes were developed and subsequently tested and iterated with customers. ​Our client was able to use insights gathered during this project as a foundation for defining novel product and service requirements.

Together, we created prototypes for the smart home that would drive future products.

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