BHCS – Molecular Diagnostics

How can BHCS make molecular laboratory diagnostics more accessible and thus realize new business models?


BHCS wanted to introduce their new medical analysis technology to a broader market. To make this a reality, we were consulted, and applied the full spectrum of our design and development skills to the project: User Research, Service Design, Business Design, UX/UI Design, Industrial Design and Creative Technology. ​The new product, its associated services and business models were developed from the initial idea to a market-ready item.​


Working closely with the BHCS team and future users such as laboratories, hospitals, and practices, we developed a system consisting of a product (Vivalytic) and its components (cartridges). The business model and platform strategy for suppliers marked a huge innovation for both the market and BHCS. After an extremely short development period of less than two years, Vivalytic was launched. The product received both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Vivalytic makes molecular diagnostics more effective – with award-winning UX and product design.

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