New Work Principles

How can a software bluechip incorporate New Work principles to establish a new approach to enterprise management?


Always on the forefront of providing digital tools for successfully running a business, the software giant wanted an atmosphere of cooperation to permeate their ways of enterprise management as well. To establish this approach, they aimed to incorporate New Work principles and asked us for support. Together, we conducted field research with front-runners of New Work and abstracted the learnings. On this basis we built concrete use-cases and a framework for the client’s position in a new generation of enterprise management.


After presenting the results of this collaboration, one of the company’s founders decided that the implementation of software tools for New Work has to become a top priority in order to stay relevant in this sector. The company made the results available to the public in order to engage in the discourse around New Work principles and their support via software tools. Many of these outcomes guided not only the client but our own transformation process as well.

By adopting New Work principles, the company positions themselves at the forefront of enterprise management.

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