Omnichannel Strategy

How can we enable a fair and transparent ecosystem of services, looking towards a future across all channels?


As an international leader in the sales and distribution of goods, our client knows that excellent services are increasingly vital in the traditionally product-focused marketplace. Its sales team interfaces with existing and potential customers and provides opportunities to build a community and ambassadors around the brand. ​We were approached to consult on the sales forces’ digital profiles, and how they fit into a fair and transparent service ecosystem.​


​We conducted ample user research and mapped out a variety of customer journeys, including touchpoints and opportunities with the sales team. Based on these findings, we developed and user-tested an app prototype with their online profiles. ​With strategically designed profiles, our client was enabled to revitalize its sales network as an open community based on trust and transparent partnerships. In such a network, customers are empowered with information, employees are rewarded for jobs well done, and the company itself drives sales; a winning hand.

Our online profiles bring customers and sales departments closer together.

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