Self-driving Cars

How can a leading car manufacturer prepare for future user experiences in a fully self-driving car with an intelligent interior?


By 2025, we expect to have fully self-driving cars with intelligent, flexible, and reduced interiors. In close collaboration with one of the world’s leading, premium automotive brands, we have been exploring what the user experience in such a car could look like since 2014. We were chosen for this multi-year project because of our skills in interface design, industrial design, and physical creative technologies like connected IoT devices.


We started from the ground up, with design workshops and conceptual framing exercises. Ultimately, we developed a holistic demonstrator of show car-level fidelity. What we delivered became a benchmark for the client’s internal research and development: Not only did we submit several patent applications on behalf of the client that are based on our collaboration, but their 2025 self-driving models will incorporate many of our design elements as well.

Together with our client, we have developed patented designs envisioning the future of automotive travel.

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