Smart Home

How can a leading service provider for smart buildings use up-to-date technology to enable its customers to optimise their in-house energy usage?


On their way to becoming one of the leading smart building service providers, the company approached us in 2011 for support on enabling users to steer and improve their in-house energy consumption. ​Following intense user research, we developed an interactive touch-based terminal that manages energy systems, like heating, and provides individual user profiles and schedules. With this, customers were able to optimise their efficiency, safety, comfort and administrative costs.


The terminal became a part of our client's product portfolio shortly after our consulting. It marked an important step for them in pioneering Germany's connected energy market and achieving sustainable behavior change concerning energy consumption. Today, smart energy usage in homes, buildings and residential quarters is a set trademark of our client.

The terminal is now an essential component of the client‘s service.

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