VR Experience

How can a public transport provider ensure a consistent user experience across all touchpoints of their future subway stations?


A new subway line in the city our client operates in – one of the biggest city’s in Germany – may be the project of a century, but it will open in just ten years. This makes the development of its future stations highly complex and expensive. 

Our challenge was to design and validate a highly user-centric and future-focused vision for these stations. In so doing, we were to shape the future of the transport provider’s service offering.


In addition to a clear vision and design guidelines, we created a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to test real user interactions in a simulated future station.

At a minimum investment of time and effort, the client was able to test, validate, and adjust their vision with real-life reactions to their future stations. The client was therefore able to quickly iterate key services, such as the passenger information system. In this novel fashion, both citizens and politicians could actively take part in the planning of such a large-scale civil project.

"You get the impression that you are very, very close to reality. In short: great job!"

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