The d.quarks Method

Mastering the digital revolution.

A Model for the Digital Future

Family businesses often approach the digital transformation with hesitation. Although they are well aware that they will have to be open to digitization to ensure the long-term success of their owner-managed companies, they don't always know how and where to begin this conversion. That's where we come in. As your digital architects, we will accompany you into the digital age. Together with you, we will create plans, build a model, develop individual components, and supervise the construction. Our most important tool? Our d.quarks method developed in-house. Our motivation? We want German family businesses to master the digital transformation with success.

Arne Linnemüller
Digital Transformation Middle Market

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The d.quarks model: How we advise you during your digital transformation

Entering the digital age will require two things: a plan as a guide and various components to implement that plan. We refer to these components as d.quarks (digital quarks). They comprise the fundamental skills which a company must coordinate, procure, and develop when realizing its digital business models. Our approach considers both the structural and cultural changes to a company. The former includes all technologies and processes, while the latter takes account of the organization and the people. Both are equally important, which is why we integrate both into each of our digital concepts. Move your mouse over each of the d.quarks to find out more about them.

  • Accelerator track 1: Technology-enabled
  • Accelerator track 2: Transaction-oriented
  • Accelerator track 3: Customer Experience
  • Accelerator track 4: Solution-oriented
  • Accelerator track 5: Open Digital

Components for the digital transformation

A d.quark describes a skill which a company must coordinate, procure, or develop when realizing its digital business models. The following infographic presents a range of d.quarks which companies can utilize when they begin their journey of digital transformation.


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