GDPR and Opt-in obligation – Do we already have your consent?

Since the end of May, there are fundamental changes in the German and European Data Protection Regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates and standardizes the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities within the European Union. The new regulation contains, inter alia, anchored rules for the consent of customer data storing. If there is no consent (a so-called “Opt-in”), a contact may no longer be actively approached via promotional emails from PwC since May 25, 2018 onwards.

Privacy has always been very important to PwC and is not only a part of our legal obligations, but also an essential factor for a trustful customer relationship. Therefore three key data protection features are important to us: "Limit, protect and respect personal data!".

The General Data Protection Regulation has no impact on those points. PwC will continue to treat your personal data and information confidentially and will only use it to the extent permitted by law. In order to continue to provide you with information about the latest industry news or upcoming events, we would like to document your agreement today.

Therefore, we provide a separate website on which you have the opportunity to declare this consent and possibly revoke it in the future in a simple and unbureaucratical way. The website is only accessible with a personal link. This link will be sent to you via email.  You can also request this link using the following form to document your decision and check whether your email address is already registered in our systems or not.

We thank you for your confidence!

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