Advisory services on divestments

Successful businesses change their strategic focus as the market changes. Managers continually discuss which areas comprise the core business and review the profitability of individual parts of the business.

There are many options: business areas can be restructured, combined with other in-house or bought-in areas, outsourced or completely separated from the business.

An analysis of the entire business is needed before taking a decision on whether a function can remain with the business permanently without restructuring, or whether certain services could be procured more cost-effectively from outside.

A careful assessment can be employed in important areas of the business in order to stop further drains on capital or release reserves. This increases the value of the business in the long term, and allows the management to concentrate on the core business.

PwC is there throughout the entire project

Because of the depth and breadth of its experience and its interdisciplinary approach, PwC is well placed to provide assistance during all stages of the process. We can assist businesses with:

  • Identification of problematic business areas
  • Assessment of possible options
  • Identification of resources required, including personnel, time, funding
  • Agreement on strategy and corresponding measures
  • Implementation of exit strategies, for example disposal to restore the status quo, restructuring to prepare for disposal, controlled closing of the business and liquidation or tax optimisation during the divestment process

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