Advisory services on investment promotion programmes

The stipulations on financing have become tougher in recent years. That’s why grants and subsidies have become an especially attractive financing component for many businesses. And PwC is ready to provide all the support in this area that you need.

The growing significance of alternative financing

Alternative financing is steadily becoming more important for businesses. This is partly due to stricter requirements for raising funds, but there are other factors too, such as banks' increased financial borrowing requirements, an increasingly dynamic tax legislation and new business accounting obligations.

More demands on applicants

Funds are regularly allocated using open tender processes (according to the first come, first served principle) and in accordance with European laws on government assistance. This means that applicants must increase the quality of their applications whilst at the same time managing an increase in both time pressure and planning instability.

Professional support from PwC

PwC supports investors in raising funds for projects in Germany and the rest of Europe, with a particular focus on business ventures and public infrastructure projects, and also on innovative projects in research and development. As an independent funding advisor, PwC has access to a large regional and international network of decision makers in economic ministries and granting authorities.

When analysing and optimising funding opportunities, PwC includes all substantive types of funding such as tax relief, bonuses/allowances, secured and unsecured loans, and share options.

The objectives of our funding advisory services are optimising project or business funding opportunities, increasing planning stability for the investor and reducing risks related to subsidy law.

Our range of services covers:

  • Identification and analysis of funding opportunities for businesses and single ventures
  • Comparison of locations within Germany and Europe with respect to funding options
  • Optimisation of project design and application for funding
  • Management of negotiations with granting bodies and the European Commission
  • Completion of administrative tasks (payment on demand, report on expenditure of funds, EU audits)
  • Optimisation of funding management within the organisation
  • Risk analysis on acquisition of businesses or shares and optimal design of transactions
  • Protection against reclamation

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