Advisory services on privatisations and public-private partnerships

Public-private partnerships and privatisation pave the way for state service providers to make use of additional skills and knowledge. Of course, this type of partnership needs to be conceived of and implemented professionally in order for it to be successful.

Public and private: combining each sector's strengths

Government bodies are facing ever stronger local-level competition. The quality and cost of basic public services and infrastructure increasingly need to be taken into account.

As the public sector begins to concentrate on core tasks, opportunities are opening up for private sector partnerships in areas that were previously state-run, such as the planning, construction and maintenance of school buildings, town halls, prisons and roads. PwC offers advice to the public sector and investors on how best to prepare, finance and implement public-private partnerships. We help our clients identify and exploit points of opportunity in formal and functional privatisations, grant concessions and award cross-regional partnerships.

Through privatisations and public-private partnerships, additional funds and expertise flow into government, providing access to specific resources. This in turn makes the public sector more effective and service-oriented, for example in the provision of modern school or government buildings. All restructuring is aimed at making more efficient use of public funds through revitalisation, rationalisation and flexibilisation. This puts the public sector in a position where it can offer improved standards of service and provide services in a more cost-efficient manner.

Core competences

Public-private partnerships

  • Advice on public-private partnerships
  • Public sector: assistance and advice through all stages of the procurement process
  • Private sector: financial advice
  • Feasibility studies and market testing
  • Profitability assessments
  • Project management and project financial controlling
  • Advice on project financing
  • Financial advice for project developers/investors and banks (due diligence)


  • Structuring and valuations
  • Advice on identifying and choosing partners
  • Assistance and advice during all stages of the implementation process

How can PwC help your business? In making the most of opportunities for public-private collaborations, lowering costs with improved risk allocation in preliminary stages, working as a facilitator to create mutual trust, ensuring continual dialogue beyond the organisation's limits - and the list goes on.

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