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Increasing competition for market shares and internal and external growth has led to financing becoming a deciding factor for the development of a company. Companies have become flexible in their financing not just from a tax point of view but also - and in particular - with regard to innovative alternative forms of finance. The finance experts at PwC advise companies comprehensively on strategic corporate financing and transaction, project and real estate funding, as well as financing in the course of restructuring measures.

Structural changes among banks, changes in statutory supervisory conditions as well as an increasingly greater variety in the range of financial products make it necessary for companies to play an active role in the design of their financing structure, while at the same time purposely incorporating the expectations of the respecting financing partners. The object is guaranteed funding to suit requirements with a minimum of financing costs.

Strategic corporate financing

The basis for drawing up an individual financing concept is formed by the strategic alignment of the company. Activities planned on this basis have to be transformed into a financing concept starting from the status quo. At the same time, the necessary flexibility and required degree of entrepreneurial freedom have to be taken into account. The mix of equity and borrowed capital has to be optimized with a choice of suitable instruments and partners with regard to cost minimization, tax aspects and rating requirements. This is where advice is needed which is independent from individual financing products. PwC assists its clients comprehensively all the way through to successful completion of financing.

Project financing

Investment requirements for major projects such as the construction of new power stations or recyclable energy plants represent significant challenges for energy supply companies. In order to meet the requirements for financing a project, sound financing structures and risk allocations, together with technical and economical feasibility, have to be determined in a complex process. 

In Germany, PwC has regularly structured project financing for major infrastructure and energy projects. In addition, PwC experts have comprehensive experience in financial modelling and model reviews for project financing.

Financing for restructuring measures

In a crisis, management and lenders require rapid and reliable information not just about the strategic and operative condition of a company but also about its financial status. Operative restructuring in this respect is aimed at improving the results of operations and securing the survival chances of a crisis company in the short term.

PwC develops and implements measures for a short-term release of liquid funds and to strengthen the liquidity situation of a company. In addition, PwC advises on financial restructuring measures including discussions with lenders and suppliers.

Real estate financing

Conditions on the finance market have changed considerably for real estate companies in recent years: With borrowed capital becoming scarcer and more expensive, innovative forms of finance are becoming more and more attractive. Structured planning on the liabilities side is becoming the key factor for success in the real estate sector. PwC advises real estate companies comprehensively on all questions of financing.

Transaction financing

A transaction would be an advantage for the development of a company but there is a shortage of capital? PwC's finance experts are independent of banks and products. They assist companies with the choice of suitable lenders and develop a finance concept on the basis of integrated planning.

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