Investment advice

The investment market is changing. There are new requirements on borrowing third-party funds call and investors are now operating in a much more international context. For businesses, this results in a need for new investment models. Additionally, projects must be comprehensively planned and precisely scheduled due to the huge number of potential partners and forms of financing.

For years, the expert investment advice team at PwC has successfully advised and assisted businesses of all shapes and sizes on national and international investment projects. Businesses from all sectors and at all stages of the investment project cycle can draw on this experience and know-how.

PwC advises in the following areas:

Capital expenditure budgeting

An investment's profitability is assessed using a capital expenditure budget that shows all relevant payment flows. This analysis of the management accounts can be complemented by an analysis of the impact on external financial accounts.

Financing concepts

Professional financing concepts such as equity and mezzanine financial transactions open up alternative forms of finance, and improve the opportunities for investment capital fundraising.

Location analysis

The applicable tax laws, the legal environment and the national economic framework are crucial factors in decision making.

Reviewing the alternatives

PwC supports you in analysing alternative locations for your business by using a predetermined and clearly outlined criteria catalogue. This allows you to easily compare the respective advantages of purchasing or leasing a property.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies demonstrate the economic viability of specific investment projects. They increase reliability in planning and aid in presenting the case to capital investors, strategic partners, the authorities and shareholders.

Opinion on viability

PwC prepares expert opinions on the viability of project financing and structured financing, particularly in the case of applications for German export credit guarantees ("Hermes cover"). PwC has many years of practical experience and comprehensive knowledge of German insurance instruments.

Company law conception and preparation of contracts

PwC provides support to companies during contract negotiations and also assists with the drawing up of contracts.

Tax design

Certain tax aspects of both foreign and national investments can make various attractive design options possible. PwC helps to narrow them down to the best investment structure from a tax perspective.

Control mechanisms for the use of funds

Placing controls on the use of funds ensures that project funds are used exclusively in accordance with the investment plan. This can occur, for example, by making part of the budget available only after a certain project milestone has been reached.

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