Management of business development programmes

Business development programmes support the competitiveness of German businesses in the global economy. PwC knows what businesses need and expect. They support the public sector with effective implementation and design of development programmes.

The competitive pressure on public and private actors is increasing both on the domestic and the international markets. That's why the public sector now provides all the necessary tools for modern business development to help German businesses compete in the globalised economy.

This enables the fulfilment of the primary objectives of German economic policy, such as establishing businesses and industries in certain regions as well as supporting for businesses already located there, the promotion of German exports to high-risk, emerging markets, and the strategic building up of clusters or initiatives as part of the development of middle market businesses.

Detailed knowledge and experience of all the instruments involved in modern economic development mean that PwC can find the best solution for specific ventures. Targeted use of the right development tools is often essential for the success of large investments in future markets or future technologies.

Development agencies can also benefit from PwC's advice

PwC has been contracted by national and local government to manage public guarantee and loan programmes as well as state development programmes in specific industries. PwC offers interested businesses a complete range of services starting with an initial assessment and moving on to assistance both in safeguarding against risks and project implementation, right through to preparing and implementing decisions and handling and settling potential claims.

PwC advises the public sector on the development and implementation of new concepts for a development strategy that fits today's market.

PwC's specialists continually review the available tools for their effectiveness and efficiency and establish whether they need to be adjusted or modernised. Knowing the workflows and expectations of businesses allows PwC to develop the right solutions for your requirements.

PwC's experts can take care of the efficient conception, implementation and expansion of business development tools, which allows the public sector to continually implement their development strategies in order to meet their goals. Businesses can also benefit from rapid, professional advice on the best opportunities for financing their projects at home and abroad.

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