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Japan is after China Germany's most important trading partner in Asia. Due to the fact that the domestic market of Japan is the third largest in the world, Japan plays a decisive role for the exporting nation Germany. The main export goods of German enterprises to Japan are chemical products, automobile and automotive body parts and machines. Even for Japan the exports are one of the most important foundations of the economy which generates a large part of Asia's economic performance.

Japanese enterprises have their strengths in the technology and market leadership in significant future-oriented sectors like electro mobility or battery technology wherein a high innovative power have its source. Not least, Japan has a very good infrastructure and a highly qualified workforce promoting a stable investment climate.

"Our Japanese Business Group has a long-standing tradition and expertise in serving Japanese companies in all areas of German and International Tax Law, commercial and corporate law, accounting and not least in cross-border transactions and restructuring. Our excellent expert team of German and Japanese specialists assists the companies throughout their cross-border activities in every respect."

Nikolaus Thöns, leader of the Japanese/German Business Group

The Japanese Business Group has its key offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich and offers multilingual services at all locations. Our clients benefit from an extensive experience especially in the establishment of corporations and branches, restructuring of enterprises, acquisitions, evaluation, auditing, tax planning and accounting services. The close cooperation with all lines of service of PwC including the highly experienced lawyers of PwC Legal fulfils our Japanese clients a true one stop shopping.

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Tax Inbound, PwC Germany

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Legal (Immigration Law), PwC Germany

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