Trusted partner on new ground: the German Business Groups

Our experts within the German Business Groups (GBG) assist multi-national companies with their cross-border operations. The teams support German clients abroad and international clients in Germany. Currently, there are 24 German Business Groups covering more than 80 countries worldwide. Our experts are not only familiar with the respective tax and legal systems they also know how to deal with intercultural differences. Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst, Markets Leader, Industries & Innovation, explains how the German Business Groups work.

Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst, Markets Leader, Industries & Innovation:

What added value does the network of German Business Groups provide?

Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst: Many of our clients are operating globally; they work across countries and with international teams. That is why we want to provide a distinctive international service, especially on the steam between the parent company and their subsidiaries.

Which expertise can the GBG members offer in particular?

Gushurst: The teams support and accompany all activities of our clients abroad, reaching from the initiation to the expansion of their cross-border activities. Usually local tax regulation is one of the biggest hurdles when operating in foreign countries. Our teams give advice on such country-specific requirements. In addition the teams support with assessing local markets, considering cultural differences and overcoming language barriers.

What are the characteristics of the German Business Groups?

Gushurst: Every GBG has two faces. The one side is located abroad and consists of both experts from Germany as well as local staff with German expertise and language skills. Vice versa there is a group of international employees with specific country expertise in Germany. All members of the German Business Groups have gathered many years of business experience and have thereby built an extensive international network. Our clients benefit from this network, since our staff is able to quickly facilitate contact to colleagues with the required expertise. By the way, our teams are collaborating interdisciplinary. This approach allows us to bundle expertise and intercultural skills to offer holistic solutions.

How well does this approach work in reality? Is there a fixed partner the client can refer to?

Gushurst: Yes, the leaders of the German Business Groups are the key contacts for all upcoming issues and requests. We consider it as very important that our clients have a trusted partner by their side, especially when operating abroad. In particular, companies that are trying to achieve a long-term and sustainable success in a foreign market are obliged to plan their cross-border expansion carefully – be it in the form of a subsidiary, joint venture or the acquisition of a new company – and often years in advance. Our GBG experts provide advice for the clients throughout the entire period.

Could you briefly describe how the German Business Groups operate in their daily business?

Gushurst: Let’s take a German automotive company as an example. This manufacturer plans to build a plant abroad and needs advice for the market entry. At this point the support of the German Business Groups is required. Depending on the country we provide connections to local automotive experts. The German Business Group is key when pulling together the right team to provide the ideal support for the client.

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