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Our 404 newsletter presents news for supervisory boards and keeps board members up to date with the latest developments relevant for their work in Germany. Topics covered include corporate governance, capital market regulation and international accounting standards.

404 is part of our supervisory board programme, PwC Boardroom, which is designed to keep supervisory board members informed of recent developments affecting them. The newsletter is sent to subscribers free of charge every other month.

The current edition features

404 Issue 3, 2018

  • Case law
    Can be expensive
    No change
  • Corporate governance
    Focus on the essential
    Increased engagement
    Major differences
    UK makes severe cuts
    Upward trend


404 Issue 1, 2018

  • Case law
    Adding specialist knowledge
    Time limits, not disenfranchisement
  • Corporate governance
    Who does the auditing
    Zero targets, but not everywhere


404 Issue 2, 2017

  • Case law
    Restrictions on co-determination permissible
    Right misrepresented
  • Corporate governance
    Clear criteria
    Code update
    Increased transparency
  • Enforcement
    Findings and news


404 Issue 1, 2017

  • Case law
    Orderly vote
  • Series
    Getting to the heart of the matter
  • Study
    Recommendation: change
    Expectations at previous year’s level
  • Year End Letter Accounting 2016


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