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Thorsten Schmidt ist Director bei PwC Deutschland

Thorsten Schmidt
Director at PwC Germany

AMS – Support for digital innovations

Application Management Services is all about handling the administration, maintenance and optimisation of applications that are important for the operation and growth of your company. Application Managed Services, driven by digital transformation and automation, can improve the efficiency, flexibility and quality of your apps while reducing costs and risks. We offer Application Managed Services in four core areas: ERP, Cloud Management Services, Data and Analytics, and Process Automation.

“Boost your efficiency and focus on your core business while we manage your apps. With our Application Managed Services, you get to enjoy the benefits of expertise, continuous availability and flexibility. We can help you optimise your apps and boost your innovative strength.”

Thorsten Schmidt,Director at PwC Germany

Our Application Management Services

We can handle the maintenance and development of your ERP and digital workplace apps, mapping the core processes of your company and promoting collaboration and productivity among your employees.

We can help you take advantage of the benefits of the cloud by migrating your apps to the cloud and managing and optimising them.

We can help you unlock the full potential of data by envolving your data management, data analytics and data visualisation apps and by ensuring data quality.

We can help you automate your business processes by managing and developing bespoke robotic process automation, business process management and workflow management applications.

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How we write success stories together – a look at our work

Revolutionary cloud migration in the healthcare sector: increased performance, reduced costs and 50% greater customer satisfaction

We took on a healthcare client’s patient management, billing and reporting applications. This involved migration them to a cloud solution to offer greater availability, scalability and security. Using our Application Managed Services, we were able to increase the performance of the client’s apps by 30%, reduce costs by 40% and increase customer satisfaction by 50%.

Efficient ERP conversion in retail: increasing speed, reliability and usability through cloud migration

We migrated a retail client’s ERP application from SAP to a Microsoft cloud-based solution  that enabled better integration with the client’s e-commerce, marketing and logistics apps. Using our Application Managed Services, we were able to increase the speed and reliability of their ERP application, reduce maintenance and licensing costs, and make the system more user-friendly.

Hybrid cloud transformation in the financial sector: maximised security, compliance and performance, costs reduced by 35%

For a financial sector client, we transferred their risk management, financial planning and reporting apps to a hybrid cloud solution that ensures high security, compliance and performance. Using our Cloud Management Services, we were able to increase the scalability and flexibility of our client’s applications, reduce downtime and dependence on local servers, and reduce cloud costs by 35%.

Data-driven innovation in the energy sector: improved data management, analysis and visualisation for real-time energy optimisation

For a client in the energy sector, we modernised and expanded their data management, analysis and visualisation apps to make better of data from various sources, such as sensors, smart meters and weather stations. Using our Data and Analytics services, we were able to improve data quality and availability, accelerate analysis and visualisation, and use real-time data to ensure optimal energy consumption and grid stability.

Increasing efficiency through automation in the insurance industry: reduced processing time, lower error rate and increased customer satisfaction

We implemented and operated applications for robotic process automation, business process management and workflow management for a client in the insurance industry to automate their processes for claims processing, customer support and document management. Using our Process Automation services, we were able to reduce processing time by 70%, cut errors by 80% and increase customer satisfaction by 90%.

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Thorsten Schmidt

Thorsten Schmidt

Director, PwC Germany

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