Cooperation is the goal: PropTech event "New Connect" in Berlin

06 March, 2018

With the new event series "New Connect", which celebrated its premiere on February 22, 2018 at PwC’s Berlin office, representatives of established real estate corporates as well as PropTechs were able to network and discuss challenges and chances of cooperation. The series of events enables PropTechs to highlight their innovative solutions for the real estate industry, while offering representatives of the established players in the real estate industry the opportunity to inform about upcoming tasks in the course of digitization. The series of events is organized by the PwC Real Estate Consulting Team (David Rouven Möcker, Katharina Götzen and David Nadge) in cooperation with the BVDS (Federal Association of German Startups) and its PropTech platform.

Around 45 people attended the kick-off event on 22 February 2018 in the conference rooms of PwC’s Berlin office. The participants included PropTech founders and representatives of established real estate companies. The lectures discussed the biggest challenges of cooperation between the two parties:

  • Understanding digitalisation – The digital transformation has begun and is affecting all areas of established real estate companies. Less talk about disruption than about evolution. The cornerstone of a positive development is, as a first step, to create a common understanding of the importance of digitization - across all company employees.
  • Road to success or highway to hell? The speakers shared their experiences with closed cooperation with consistently positive feedback: Established companies learn from the agile and particularly fast approach of the PropTechs, while PropTechs benefit from the enormous experience of the established companies.
  • Mutual claims - The lectures clearly showed that the established players in the real estate industry place high demands on the PropTechs: Fulfillment of all data protection requirements, piloting readiness and profitability are buzzwords that ran like a thread through the evening.

Following the lectures given by PropTechs and Corporates, the participants used the opportunity to discuss current issues and findings in an informal atmosphere and make new contacts. The event series "New Connect" will be continued on a regular basis. Invitees are exclusively representatives of PropTechs, real estate companies and associations.

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