Advisory for external reporting

With external reporting, companies inform the capital market regularly about facts that are used by investors as a basis for investment decisions. The demands on external reporting depend on the capital market. For years, the trend has been towards more regulation and, consequently, the demands on external reporting are increasing. PwC advises companies on setting up efficient and compliant reporting that focuses on a client's individual circumstances and which is oriented at internal value-based control.

On the capital market, there are listing requirements and follow-up obligations. These include comprehensive reporting duties such as the preparation of annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports and the publication of ad-hoc memorandums.

Particularly demanding: Listing on the American Stock Exchange

Listing on the SEC-regulated US stock exchange is particularly demanding. SEC experts at PwC help companies find their way through the jungle of special regulations. In conjunction with the client, they ensure that reporting complies with legislation.

PwC's specialists have many years of experience in dealing with the SEC. Together with the client, they find acceptable solutions for all parties involved, particularly with regard to questions

  • on regular reporting (20-F, 10-K, 8-K, 6-K),
  • as part of transactions,
  • on reporting as part of financial statements and outside of financial statements, and
  • on responding to SEC Comment Letters.

Support for companies on the German and European capital markets

The European and German capital markets are also subject to stringent regulations. The objective: to ensure reliable, compliant and value-oriented capital market communication.

PwC colleagues assist companies on the German and European capital markets with

  • adherence to special behaviour and disclosure regulations for listed companies,
  • efficient implementation of complex regulations through optimized processes,
  • avoidance of personal legal consequences as a result of nonconforming capital market communication,
  • fulfilment of future and value-oriented information requirements by investors and analysts and
  • improvement in external reporting (e.g. annual report, analysis presentation) in respect of value orientation with the help of suitable tools (reporting analyser).

In doing so, PwC helps companies invest in the confidence of their investors, maintain the enterprise value and profit from lower capital costs in the long term.

Professional investor relations secure a lasting reputation

The competition for capital also calls for professional investor relations that are aligned at investor interests and requirements. Investor relations experts at PwC help companies achieve the conditions for an efficient and well-balanced communications mix and in this way convey transparency and continuity and create confidence. As a result, they secure a lasting reputation and achieve a lead in the competition for capital.

Assistance with conversion to XBRL

The success of XBRL (eXtensible business reporting language): Since 2009 the American stock exchange supervisory body (SEC) demands submission of all documents in XBRL format. In Europe the significance of XBRL as a common standard for the electronic exchange of financial data also increases continuously. PwC assists companies in kick-starting and implementing this standardization process and fulfilling the future XBRL reporting requirements successfully and cost-efficiently.

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