The reliability of financial information is of absolute importance in monthly, quarterly or half-yearly financial statements. A review of these financial statements by PwC ensures that they contain no substantive errors in presentation – thus increasing their quality.

Investors regularly review their investment decisions. They expect sound information to be provided rapidly. Interim financial reports are an important component of this information. The truth and fairness of financial information contained in interim financial statements is therefore also of great importance. PwC's review ensures the increasing quality of these financial statements.

PwC's services

PwC carries out reviews of monthly, quarterly and six-monthly financial statements to the following auditing standards:

  • German auditing standards (IdW PS 900)
  • US auditing standards (SAS 100)
  • International auditing standards (ISRE 2400)

As part of consolidated financial statement audits, PwC can be contracted by the auditor of the consolidated financial statement to audit consolidated report packages to German, US or international auditing standards, or via a special review programme.

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