Strategic and operational restructuring advice

In crisis situations, management and investors require prompt reliable information on the strategic, operational and financial condition of businesses and the restructuring alternatives available. PwC’s Business Recovery Services help to identify business crises at an early stage and develop appropriate restructuring concepts.

In a crisis situation, there is no time to lose: management and investors such as banks and private equity houses need reliable information on the strategic, operational and financial condition of businesses as soon as possible.

All possible restructuring concepts as well as their limits and remedial actions must be analysed. These are compiled into a sound business analysis that presents the actual strategic and operational position of the business as well as the causes of the crisis. This forms the starting point for PwC Business Recovery Services to work with the client to develop robust concepts and solutions-oriented actions for business restructuring as necessary.

PwC can also give advise on debt rescheduling

Operational restructuring aims to improve the earnings situation and to secure the short-term survival of a business in crisis. Strategic restructuring is used to restore lasting competitiveness and thus secure the long-term survival of the business.

In both cases, the focus is on solutions, and those supported by all parties have the highest chance of success. PwC, together with the clients, ensures that the agreed actions are implemented successfully and professionally.

PwC also gives advice to clients on debt rescheduling. This includes support during discussions with existing and potential investors and suppliers on renegotiating credit and payment terms.

PwC's services also include identifying and realising short-term liquidity reserves, producing short-term liquidity accounts (on a daily or weekly basis) and developing tools for reporting and financial control.

Global businesses rely on PwC's international network

PwC's experts develop and implement immediate strategies to optimise working capital management, thus releasing short-term liquid funds. Working capital (receivables, stock in hand and trade payables) represents a significant proportion of the total balance sum for many businesses.

Raising liquidity reserves available in the working capital requires continual management of the items concerned. Internal measures taken in debtor, inventory and creditor areas are an important step in strengthening businesses' liquidity situation.

Our clients can rely on the experience of our specialists to provide the best chance for a smooth and sustainable restructuring. PwC's global network is also available to support any internationally active business.

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