Disclosure and prevention of corporate crime

Financial losses aren’t the only way in which businesses suffer as a result of corporate crime. The loss of reputation and business relations can do a great deal of damage indeed. PwC can support businesses in investigating criminal actions (fraud) through its constructive crisis and conflict management.

Corporate crime poses a real and substantial threat to the stability of any business. Often, an investigation starts with only an initial suspicion or an anonymous tip-off about a criminal act.

Investigatory bodies such as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or law enforcement agencies then independently continue investigations themselves.

The damage inflicted by corporate crime goes far beyond direct monetary loss. Intangible assets including business relationships, reputation and branding are essential elements of every business and can all be undermined by the occurrence or even the accusation of fraud.

When irregularities within the business are suspected it is important to act quickly, decisively and at the same time discreetly.

PwC's interdisciplinary teams of auditors, MBAs, lawyers, IT experts, civil and industrial engineers and former detectives and public prosecutors support businesses during internal investigations into criminal acts and provide constructive crisis and conflict management.

To raise employee awareness of the risk of corporate crime PwC runs training seminars with interactive software which are tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Years of experience and a global network aid PwC's experts in investigating problems efficiently. They support businesses in the prevention and disclosure of fraudulent acts and in processing claims.

PwC's services at a glance:

  • Identification and assessment of fraud risk using a specially developed analytical tool, Fraud Scan®
  • Expert investigation where fraudulent (suspicious/criminal) actions are suspected
  • Forensic IT solutions for securing evidence, data analysis and electronic discovery processes
  • Quantifying losses
  • Analysis of the company's individual risk structure
  • Introduction of communication and prevention strategies
  • Internal staff training on actions to take when fraud is suspected
  • Advice and assistance on securing and recovering assets
  • Analysis of cash and payment flows
  • Preparation of factual statements that are admissible to court
  • Investigation into potential breaches of the laws against money-laundering
  • Supporting banks and other financial institutions in their reporting obligations under anti-money-laundering laws.

PwC's approach to forensic investigations allows companies to concentrate on their core business, to recover lost assets and prevent losses in future. As auditors, PwC is fully committed to the principle of client confidentiality.

PwC's services also include:

  • Innovative and professional advice on investigating complex fraud
  • Restructuring of business processes for crime prevention
  • Improvement of internal control mechanisms
  • Optimisation of sensitive IT systems
  • Optimisation of cost structures
  • Analysis and assessment of losses
  • Prevention through recommendations and expert evidence
  • Presentation of independent expert evidence

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