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IT costs and efficiency

Information technology (IT) is an essential component of business processes, and so constitutes the key to a cost-efficient corporate organisation. IT often forms the basis for new business models. Experts from PwC can provide help for the entire organisation of IT and business processes.

IT tasks typically count among the biggest cost blocks in a company. Despite high investment in the IT sector, goals are still infrequently achieved. In many cases, this is due to a lack of transparency in relation to the costs, benefits and risks of corporate IT. The control and regular scrutiny of these factors is therefore an essential success factor for the use of information technology.

A consistent alignment of IT to the needs of the business helps to avoid mistaken investments. Competitive advantages can also be achieved through new or modified business models, or by optimisation of the way in which IT is used.

  • PwC supports companies both in connection with short-term cost-cutting measures and in setting up IT control systems designed to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of IT in the long term.
  • Like other corporate activities, IT services must show the best possible cost-benefit ratio. So it is a fundamental condition of a cost-optimised and effective IT organisation that the correct 'make or buy' decisions be taken. As an independent third party, PwC can help companies in preparing for decisions of this sort.
  • A greater degree of IT industrialisation can help to stem rising cost pressures. Industrialisation here means the establishment of tight processes and a high level of standardisation. PwC's expert team can support corporate management and IT officers in connection with this change through the optimisation of service structures, the shaping of IT processes and the setting up of Shared Service Centres.
  • If the cost benefits are to be lasting, IT services and the associated Service Level Agreements must be optimised and controlled on an ongoing basis. This remains the case whether the services are supplied internally, by external partners or by internal or external Shared Service Centres.
  • The selection and introduction of new software systems generally calls for cross-departmental cooperation. In many cases such projects are highly complex, and they often result in costs that are way in excess of the budget. PwC's experts offer support for the introduction of software systems, from the initial conception of new processes to the selection of suitable packages, and extending to control of the activities of the company's service providers.

For certain areas, like the electronic processing of invoices for instance, PwC offers best practice solutions that have already been worked out and applied in the past.

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