Management of financial and commodity risks

Financial management is an important part of corporate strategy. For organisations it means recognising complex risk structures and steering them towards specific goals. The expertise of PwC allows organisations to get an overview and optimise their treasury and financial management areas.

Many corporate crises in the last few years have arisen out of inadequate conceptual, organisational and system imposition methods of representing and managing financial and commodity risks.

Recognising risks at an early date and realistically assessing them according to modern conceptual, organisational and system imposition methods is important - and key in business success. Complex legal and regulatory requirements need to be taken into account, for example the Control and Transparency in Business Act (KonTraG), the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US GAAP, as well as market trends such as volatile financial markets, buying and selling of companies, and also the expectations of shareholders and lenders.

Treasury and financial management

PwC has bundled the knowledge and experience of its experts in the corporate treasury solutions group, which supports companies and public authorities in the creation of a modern treasury and finance management system. One expert acts as a fixed contact person coordinating PwC's services. His or her job will range from analysis of the need for improvement through deciding on measures to accompanying clients in the implementation phase.

Our services include:

  • Individual selection and introduction of treasury management systems
  • Establishment of a modern, audit-standard organisation and systems structure for company-wide treasury and finance management
  • Development of effective measures for cash management taking into account tax and corporate aspects
  • Optimisation of working capital management
  • Development of systematic approaches for identifying, measuring, analysing, managing and reporting financial risks (liquidity, interest, currency and loan loss risks)
  • Development of approaches and procedures for identifying, measuring, analysing, reporting and managing of commodity risks
  • Evaluation of financial instruments and development of evaluation models for complex instruments
  • Development of appropriate solutions for balance sheet representation of financial instruments according to the German Commercial Code, IFRS (for example IFRS 7 and hedge accounting according to IAS 39) and US GAAP

Approved standards

The treasury team works out customised solutions jointly with its clients, makes use of tried and tested instruments and methodologies and creates lasting and measurable values. The expert group sets recognised standards in the treasury and financial management of companies as well as public authorities and has repeatedly been voted best treasury advisors by the readers of specialist magazines in the field.

PwC experts operate independently of banks and systems providers and utilise their experience and the international PwC network. This gives them a high degree of competence and objectivity.

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