Advice on the tax structuring of transactions

Faced with a global increase in competition, businesses are increasingly using mergers and acquisitions as an opportunity for rapid growth. PwC advises companies on planning and implementing optimum acquisition structures, the tax-efficient design of acquisition financing and the impact on tax accounting.

The objective of a tax-optimised acquisition structure is to reduce future tax rates on a lasting basis as a result of financial cost allocations and increases in tax synergies. At the same time the focus should be on minimising transaction costs (for example the German property transfer tax) and - for financial investors in particular - tax-exempt repatriation of excess liquidity. Another core aspect to bear in mind is the tax-efficient integration of target companies into the acquiror's group.

During a transaction, PwC's experts develop a transaction structure that is tailored to the client and fine-tuned to the precise needs of their business.

A team of M&A experts can be assembled very quickly from PwC's international network, enabling one team to take on global responsibility for the transaction. This ensures optimal information flows so that decision makers can obtain all their information from one source.

PwC's services include:

  • Definition and tax optimisation of the legal structure of an acquisition, tailored to the company's integration strategy
  • Tax optimisation of the financing structure
  • Minimising tax-related transaction costs
  • Optimum tax-deductibility of financial expenditure
  • Maintenance of advantageous tax attributes (e.g. tax loss carry forwards)
  • Consideration of tax accounting effects.

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