Auditing services, financial accounting and reporting

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As one of the leading international accounting firms, PwC offers comprehensive experience in all areas of accounting and auditing. PwC experts advise in the preparation of reporting under national and international accounting standards, building on cooperation with specialists across all industries. They audit and report on statutory accounts, provide expert analysis on specific issues, and are available to respond to individual assurance needs.

Auditing services

Public auditing is about more than simply providing the legally required opinion on the year-end accounts. Whether it is the year-end or consolidated accounts audit or special audits and certifications, an external auditor's objective judgments increase the reliability of information for all decision-makers. The PwC experts boast several years of experience that combines a high level of specialist competence with knowledge of the industry and integrity. They are able to draw on an international network that ensures clients’ needs will be addressed in an individual, locally sensitive way. more

Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services

Selective information is required in order to be able to steer a company successfully. Internal data from within the company helps to make the right decisions. External reports are used by companies for notifying the capital market. The demands on internal and external reporting are rising constantly. PwC assists companies with implementing interlinked reporting. In doing so, companies invest in the confidence of their investors/stakeholders, secure the going-concern value and profit in the long term from lower capital costs. more