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Our 160 employees provide expert advice in the market, in matters that middle-market corporate groups, family-owned businesses or even publicly-traded corporate groups face on a daily basis. Tax consultants, auditors and lawyers work closely with their clients from our new offices located directly on the Adenauerplatz, providing tailored and long-term solutions in order to set the path for continued success.

Carsten Schürmann

"The region between Bielefeld and East Westphalia/Lippe is largely dominated by very successful, family-operated, middle-market companies which really appreciate the proximity and practical expertise of our teams across all service sectors. Personal discussions and professional advice in day-to-day operations, even beyond national borders, provide our clients with support to meet their needs."

Carsten Schürmann, Partner at PwC and head of the Bielefeld office

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Carsten Schürmann

Carsten Schürmann

Partner, PwC Germany

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