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Our Customer Transformation team helps you evolve your business model to drive sustainable customer growth.

Our experts can increase the efficiency of your business, optimise your customer experiences and position your company for long-term market success.

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Michael Graf - PwC

Michael Graf
Customer Transformation Leader (Germany and EU), PwC Germany
Tel: +49 151 11135371

How to inspire, win and retain customers

In a landscape defined by rapid digital transformation, only a handful of companies have managed to keep pace. The consequences of falling behind are highly damaging: waning customer interest, disjointed marketing strategies, suboptimal pricing models, inefficient sales structures, and outdated customer service. Deficiencies like these cost companies sales, profits and ultimately their reputation. 

“Companies can only stand out from the crowd and stay one step ahead of their competitors if they have the best customer experience.”

Michael Graf,Customer Transformation Leader (Germany and EU), PwC Germany

Our team is uniquely positioned to help you inspire, win, and retain customers. Our extensive experience as business integrators means we possess a deep understanding of every touchpoint within the customer journey. We develop customer-centric transformation approaches that synchronise seamlessly across your organisation, and work with your IT department to address the specific needs of each specialised division. We don't just offer ideas. We bring transformation to life. We ensure your workforce is equipped for sustained success. Every solution we architect, and every implementation we execute is grounded in your customer's perspective. We innovate, create, and drive your business forward. 

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How we write success stories together

Driving Mercedes-Benz First Party Data strategy: implementing the OneExperiencePlatform

We helped Mercedes-Benz AG improve its ability to target customers and make its marketing more efficient. We established a central source of information, making it possible to merge customer data from different systems into a single dataset ready for a cookie-free world. Thanks to uniform profiles and new insights, customer interactions with the brand are now highly personalised across all touchpoints.

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More efficient sales in just eight weeks: implementing SAP Sales Cloud

At KAMAX Automotive GmbH, we worked with SAP C/4HANA consultants to implement a global project to introduce SAP Sales Cloud to improve efficiency in the sales process and reinforce international cooperation. We went live with SAP Sales Cloud after just eight weeks, merging the sales processes, customer data and sales. This project won the SAP Quality Award in the Fast Delivery category.

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Building a new B2B customer service strategy

We developed a B2B customer service strategy for an international building materials supplier. This gave the company full transparency around the challenges, requirements and best practices of customer service. We also created a holistic and implementation-oriented vision for the global realignment of the company’s service organisations. The result? A satisfied client, and organisational change and specific strategy implementation could be started immediately.

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Sparking a new global marketing operating model

For an international trade fair company, we introduced a holistic marketing approach, optimised processes, set up a new organisational structure and increased transparency. This will drive greater effectiveness and efficiency in day-to-day operations. We also helped align the company’s operating model and marketing campaigns to the ongoing process of digitalisation.

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Tripling marketing efficiency 

For a leading e-mobility startup in the automotive industry, our team took on the challenge of developing a holistic marketing approach that was automated, data-based and agile on a global scale. We achieved 100% transparency in marketing planning in more than 11 markets, and our data-based approach allowed us to triple marketing efficiencies.

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At PwC’s Customer Transformation practice, we help you find the best answers to your questions. Our team is made up of more than 200 experts with extensive experience across industries and sectors, and with deep technology expertise. Add your company to our growing list of success stories today by transforming your business model for sustainable customer growth.

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We build strong alliances with the world’s best technology companies


At PwC, we work at the intersection of technology and business to increase customer satisfaction. To do this, we combine our technical and strategic skills with Salesforce’s market-leading technology. Our award-winning Salesforce-based solutions allow you to digitalise your core business processes quickly and effectively.

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For many companies, SAP’s portfolio of solutions helps them drive growth, accelerate business innovation and increase business value. We help businesses achieve company-wide control using SAP solutions by strategically integrating SAP components into business units and critical processes, especially during large transformation initiatives.

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At PwC, we combine our deep technical and strategic skills with the powerful technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations are designed to optimise our clients’ business processes and make their companies more efficient.

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Together with Adobe, we offer tailor-made solutions for your digital business and modern customer experience management. The Adobe Experience Cloud includes integrated applications for a powerful marketing technology stack. Using real-time customer data, content supply chain tools and generative AI, we design fully personalised customer journeys. We help our clients identify improvement opportunities and support them during the roll-out process.

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We help our clients integrate the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) into their existing systems to innovate, increase revenue and reduce costs. We combine our professional and strategic skills with GMP solutions like Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform. Together, we will choose the right marketing tools to create the ideal combination of ad technology, analysis and control for your company.

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Michael Graf

Michael Graf

Lead Customer Transformation DE & EU, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 11135371