Improved efficiency in the sales process in only 8 weeks

Award winning implementation of SAP Sales Cloud

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  • 31 Jul 2023

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Challenge & Situation

Implementation of SAP Sales Cloud improves efficiency: Kamax Automotive GmbH is a globally leading supplier of high-strength fasteners to the automotive industry. 12 locations around the globe represent the company internationally. Kamax completed a global implementation project for SAP Sales Cloud with the help of one of our SAP C/4HANA consulting teams. The goals of this project were to bolster international collaboration and increase efficiency of the sales process.

Our approach

In this project we relied on our proven approach “from strategy through execution”. In a joint effort, the strategy consultants of PwC’s subsidiary Strategy&, the management consultants of PwC and the Kamax project team redesigned the sales process in every detail. Finally, the technology consultants of PwC implemented the system. The SAP C/4HANA experts were responsible for configuring and integrating the system and handled data migration and change management. They adapted the new system to KAMAX's needs. Within a very short time, the project teams mastered scoping, system configuration, data migration and integration with SAP ERP. After just eight weeks, a first version of SAP Sales Cloud went live as part of SAP C/4HANA Suite. We implemented Sales Cloud using SAP Jam, SAP Cloud Connector and SAP Cloud Platform Integration for 130 users. This enables KAMAX to connect sales processes to customer and sales process data. The SAP Jam functionality ensures that all stakeholders involved in the sales project are informed instantly. Change management and training activities accompanied the project.

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Result and impact

Honored with the SAP Quality Award: For this project, KAMAX and us as a partner jointly received the SAP Quality Award 2018 in the category Fast Delivery. The award recognises a particularly fast implementation, but also takes into account the professionalism of the project method applied.

The project scored points for fast scoping and professional project management while the jury was also impressed by the effective and transparent time, budget and resource management. Last but not least, the PwC project team stood out from the competition by their experience and best practices provided as well as the system implementation approach based on standard functionalities.

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Rüdiger Göbel

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