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Dr. Thomas Ull
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The city state of Bremen was once described by the FAZ as the “city state of extremes” – although as it comprises Bremen and Bremerhaven, it should arguably be a “two-city state”! Economically, Bremen is in the middle of a transformation process. With strong exports in the automotive, aviation and steel industries and numerous logistics companies, the old economy dominates, although it has long been undergoing a transformation towards the digital world and eco-friendliness. Local government is providing significant support for this transformation – for example, by promoting decarbonisation of industrial companies. Many companies are owner-managed, medium-sized industrial companies and represent solid business virtues. With around 100 experts at our Bremen office who combine tradition with transformation, we are the ideal partner for this group of clients and we advise them from the owner and company perspective, providing services ranging from auditing to digital transformation and from tax consulting to internationalisation.

“Bremen is a city of contrasts – this applies in many respects, and especially to its corporate world. It was long characterised by traditional industries, but has now repositioned itself as a place for innovation, with many startups and modern tech companies. Bremen is many things – but one thing it is not: boring. And that’s exactly what I like about it.”

Dr. Thomas Ull,Head of Office, Bremen, PwC Germany

Bremen as a business location

5 port facilities 

make Bremen and Bremerhaven the largest heavy-duty port location in Germany and the second-largest in Europe.

Around 0.44 million people

were employed in Bremen in 2022.

Around €4.1 billion

gross domestic product (GDP) was generated in Bremerhaven in 2020.

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PwC in Bremen
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Jens Hagemann
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Stefan Geers

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New technologies, automation and digitalisation – we see ourselves as drivers of transformation and that's why we are looking for you. We want you to work with us to guide our clients into the digital age. We will support you in developing your potential, offer you flexibility in organising your everyday work with our agile working methods and provide you with the latest technologies. We want to shape the workplace of the future together with our employees. Interested?

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Dr. Thomas Ull

Dr. Thomas Ull

Partner, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 7423460