ERP Transformation

ERP is not rocket science. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

Rely on a team that will assist you in getting to grips with your ambitious ERP project and that will stay at your side until you have identified a tailored software solution and successfully integrated it within your company.

ERP transformations ensure innovation and competitiveness

Markets and technologies are currently developing at a rapid pace. Without undergoing long-term digital transformation processes, companies will find it difficult to stand their ground. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) provides the basis for successful digital business processes and ensures that companies remain competitive. With agile, flexible processes, you can respond quickly to new market requirements and boost innovation.

“PwC takes the specific IT architecture of your company into consideration in its entirety so that an effective ERP solution is identified, installed and put into operation.”

Stephan Kerner,Partner in the area of ERP Transformation at PwC Germany

In order to modernize ERP systems, it is necessary to reflect on existing structures and push ahead with important new developments. With ERP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, companies are optimizing their processes in the area of purchasing, procurement, production, storage and finances. Such businesses benefit from increased efficiency and lower costs while being able to use their internal resources more efficiently.

What motivates companies to modernize their ERP systems?


of CEOs want to achieve greater productivity through technology and automation.

4 advantages

Innovation, transparency, efficiency and optimized business models.


of customers who use S/4HANA anticipate annual savings.

Three quarters

of companies want to standardize their processes with S/4HANA.

PwC experts provide holistic advice – from strategy through implementation

We will assist you in your ERP transformation and provide specialist advice as well as technical support from a single source. Intensive preparation allows us to determine the best framework for your system changeover or further ERP development. In this context, there is a strong focus on identifying the right operating model for you – be it an on-premises solution or using a hybrid cloud or multiple cloud approach.

Our experts will identify potential efficiency increases, savings opportunities and the added value that can be expected. A fast roll-out and implementation will make your transformation easier. Once the new ERP software has been set up, we will put it into operation for you and then hand it over to your IT department.

“Major technological changes mean that operating models have to be updated. We will ensure that all of your operations continue to run throughout your ERP transformation.”

Martin Paul,Partner in the area of ERP Transformation at PwC Germany

Switching to a new ERP system presents a wide range of opportunities

SAP customers, in particular, should reappraise their current ERP strategies. This is because the standard support for SAP ECC, the predecessor to S/4HANA, will expire at the end of 2027. In order to reap the benefits of the next generation of software as early as possible, many SAP users are already undergoing their changeover or are about to start it. Regardless of what stage you are at in your S/4 transformation: we will accompany you on our journey towards becoming a digital and thus a smart company.

Switching to S/4 provides a major opportunity to rethink existing processes and set-ups. You should find the right balance between the things that it make sense to adjust to your situation and those that should be left as they are because they have a successful track record or would require too much resource expenditure.  S/4HANA helps drive automation, standardization and acceleration of your business processes. This is made possible by innovations including real-time analytics, enhanced standard functionalities and improved collaboration within the system.



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We will assist in transforming your company into a digital enterprise

SAP Consulting Solutions

Our SAP-specific and general ERP advisors will assist and accelerate your digital transformation projects. Our services and tools will help you to get to grips with business challenges more efficiently and to make well founded decisions. With “Intelligent Project Management Office“, the “Test Result Tracking Board” and the “Automatic Workshop Planning Tool” you will achieve your economic and ecological objectives faster and with greater ease.

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ERP architecture & technology

PwC provides you with a tailored end-to-end offering. We will guide you from the planning of your new ERP solution, such as SAP S/4HANA, through its installation, going live as well as day-to-day operation procedures. Our modular approach means that our assistance is always tailored to your individual requirements. Furthermore, we will of course ensure that your productive environment remains in operation during the transformation.

ERP data management

Because ERP processes are highly intertwined with each other, data management can prove difficult. Working together with you, we will ensure that the master data in your ERP environment is standardized. This will enable you to get the best possible use out of business opportunities. It is often said that in a world of digitalized and integrated systems and processes, it is necessary for business champions to be data champions as well – and with us you can achieve this.

Transforming finance

We will assist you with the management of your finances, design more efficient processes and ensure that you fulfill compliance requirements. In so doing, we view matters holistically and thus consider the financial needs of your company in addition to technologies and processes. We will analyze your financial model, take the management requirements of your organization into account, define target processes, construct the future application landscape and take on the tasks of implementation and integration.

Changeover to S/4HANA

As part of our S/4HANA pre-assessment, we will analyze the functions and processes currently used, document the strategy and the requirements for your future ERP environment and draw up a detailed plan for an optimal transition. In addition, we will prepare a tailored roadmap for successful familiarization with S/4HANA and will implement the system changeover. Some of the existing processes and functions will be kept in place, while updates will be needed elsewhere to bring about greater efficiency.

Operating S/4HANA with greater flexibility

Hybrid S/4 transformations are based on a combined greenfield and brownfield concept and draw on the advantages of both approaches. You can retain existing configurations or look to redesigns or new designs. Automation tools and accelerators will assist you in your transformation. We will implement hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions for you and take on the tasks of migration and tooling for their operation.

Complete ERP integration allows for seamless processes across organizations

Our objective

Using up-to-date ERP software, we aim to harmonize your processes, map them out in a fully integrated manner and thus avoid stand-alone solutions. This allows for a consistent data pool and clears the path for using innovative technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. When integrating solutions, we take account of existing IT architectures and use interfaces that allow for a seamless interaction with existing systems – such as EDI solutions, online shops, CRM systems or other software.

PwC supports companies by providing comprehensive ERP consulting – from strategy through the technical implementation and operation of your new ERP landscape. What sets us apart is that we provide the bridge between technology and your specialist departments. We can do this because we know how to map out and implement business processes in an optimal manner. Our excellent skills here are underscored by our many years of cooperation with numerous customers.

“We will ensure that you benefit from all the advantages of your ERP transformation. We make sure of this with our best practices and advisory teams that possess not only technical expertise, but business know-how as well.”

Stephan Kerner,Partner in the area of ERP Transformation at PwC Germany
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