Cloud Transformation

A paradigm shift for new business models

In a world of digital change, Cloud Computing is the basis for fast, safe and cost-efficient innovation. Place your confidence in a partner who will provide you with competent support in the face of any challenge – from organisation to technology, and all the way to compliance, security, tax and law.

Bring your business into the digital future with Cloud Computing

The cloud is a main driver for the realisation of new business models in the digital environment. It creates the appropriate conditions that make it easy to source and supply digital services. In this respect, the cloud is more than a guarantee for future-safe infrastructure and company IT. As a foundation of the platform economy, it changes the manner and method in which we design and use digital solutions fundamentally.

Strategical, organisational, technical and legal questions have to be clarified in order to be able to fully exploit the potential of the cloud. With the most comprehensive advisory service on the market we ensure that your way into the cloud leads to success.

Focus on Services

Cloud Transformation Journey

Starting with your business objectives, we accompany you through all phases on the path to successful cloud usage – from strategy to operation.

Cloud Provider Enablement & Assurance

Cloud Provider Enablement & Assurance

We carry out certifications for cloud providers. As independent consultants, we also accompany you through all phases of the audit by third parties.

Cloud Security

Our experts help you protect your cloud environment and keep a firm grip on all Cyber risks – throughout the complete lifecycle of your cloud service.

Insights & Studies

How PwC can take your cloud projects to the next level

In view of the high dynamics of the digital change, companies have to switch over to Cloud Computing if they want their IT to be competitive. Changes in all business sectors go hand in hand with this transformation. PwC will assist you competently and reliably in all areas of activity.

Cloud Transformation Journey

Are you planning a migration of your IT infrastructure into the cloud? Would you like to develop your business further with cloud services? We can help you in all phases of the transformation process. For this, we have developed a five-stage approach with which we accompany you systematically, rapidly and cost-efficiently into the cloud.

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Program and Change Management

The conversion to Cloud Computing is a demanding transformation program that requires professional management. PwC’s CIO Advisory Team assists you so that you can manage all changes safely and securely – from setting up a suitable PMO, all the way to project review. Using tried and tested change management measures, we help you integrate all affected stakeholders into the change process and embed new work methods securely.

Security and Data Protection

The cloud environment brings its own challenges in terms of information security and data protection. Our experts assist your IT and transformation teams in all aspects of the adaptation of security standards and authorisation processes, as well as the implementation of data protection requirements.

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Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

The Shared Responsibility model applies for Cloud Computing.  Alongside cloud providers, companies are always sharing the responsibility – for example for observing data protection requirements. We assist you with the realignment of your IT divisions so that you can protect yourself against risks and fulfil compliance requirements.

Tax Advisory

Tax-related aspects have to be taken into account in order for the cloud transformation to become a successful business case. PwC experts with cloud experience advise you on all aspects of tax offsetting of cloud-related expenditure.

Legal Advisory

From a legal point of view, a whole row of complex questions arise with Cloud Computing, both during the planning and the implementation phases. In this respect, we help you comply with all regulatory requirements, amend contracts – which are typically standardised – and take data protection aspects into account right from the start.

Interdisciplinary competence for your success

With PwC, you are taking advantage of the broadest range of IT consulting services that are available on the market from one source. We combine competence in strategy and methods, project management experience, technology know-how, legal expertise and tax consulting at the highest level – and have been doing so for decades.

When you use PwC’s Cloud Computing competence, you profit from the expertise of interdisciplinary teams. At our disposal, we have highly qualified, experienced and collaboratively working experts with proven success in small, large, national and international cloud projects. We communicate in such a way that every stakeholder is included and remains so. And we always think ahead – whatever the topic.

Cloud Placement Organizer

The Cloud Placement Organizer is a software tool for cloud planning. It analyses the IT landscape and generates recommendations for the target operating model.

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