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Markets, industries and business models are changing rapidly.

Companies and organisations that want to continue their success must consistently question and reinvent their business models. Buying and selling entire companies or individual business areas are important elements of strategic development. However, executing and financing transactions are activities that are becoming increasingly complex but lead to change – and generate questions that are increasingly difficult to answer. That’s why a comprehensive assessment of the relevant parameters is essential to a successful transaction.

  • Where do you want to invest and divest?
  • What role do ESG criteria play in transactions?
  • How do you identify suitable targets to buy or sell, or select individual business areas to carve-out?
  • Which partners are best suited to support you in your analysis of companies, industries and markets, and can assist you in developing efficient processes for mergers and acquisitions?
  • Who is going to support you in generating a company valuation? 
  • And who will advise you about contract negotiations and protection against risks of liability?

Whether you’re focusing on restructuring, financing, stock market flotation, international tax law, integrating acquisitions or separating business areas: It’s always vitally important to minimise the risks of planned transactions – and optimise the benefits. From strategic analysis through to due diligence, closing or post-deal integration, the right partner can provide the advice you need to succeed every step of the process.

What are your concerns about the deal? 

From the initial idea and initiation of a deal through to closing and integration – we help you drive your growth and secure your future.

From the first strategic discussions through to due diligence, closing and post-deal integration: The international PwC network offers expert advice for every element of the transaction process. Together, we will make your deal a success – even in times of great change.

Origination & Value Creation

Identifying attractive targets and closing transactions: We support you in identifying, evaluating, structuring and coordinating new targets and processes for transactions. Sustainability (ESG) in particular plays a significant role here.

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Identify and take advantage of divestment opportunities: We help you create value for your company and minimise risks through vigorous preparation – from analysing regulatory requirements through the compilation of all relevant financial and tax information to the integration of ESG value drivers.

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Strategic implementation of acquisitions: Strategically coordinated acquisitions can create sustainable added value for your company. We show you opportunities – also with regard to ESG criteria, which can become a decisive value driver – and support you in taking advantage of them effectively. We also assess all tax-related or financing-related aspects of your planned acquisition, and provide you with clarity about the impact on your balance sheet and KPIs.

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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Setting up controlled IPO processes: We can answer any structural, operational or regulatory questions you may have, and work with you to develop an attractive equity story for a successful stock market flotation.

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A target-oriented approach to complex transactions: We accompany you from your first strategic considerations through to project management and successful operational implementation of your carve-out project. 

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Turning a crisis into an opportunity: Our experienced restructuring specialists are by your side to help you in a crisis – by offering knowledge, reliability and rapid reactions. 

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Our services: At every stage in the transaction process

Whether it’s acquisitions, carve-outs of individual business areas through to restructuring, financing, stock market flotation, international tax law or integrations: It’s always vitally important to minimise the risks of planned transactions – and maximise the opportunities.

Deals Strategy

More than strategy consulting: Alongside the development of a suitable business portfolio strategy, we identify risks and opportunities on the market – while always maintaining a holistic view of your company. We are a reliable partner to accompany you in every phase of the transaction process and to make sure your transaction project is aligned with your overall company strategy. We use our cross-industry expertise to support you in setting the right strategic priorities for long-term, sustainable growth. Together, we can make your next transaction a success – whether you’re the buyer or the seller.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We work together with you and your team to develop target-orientated strategies for acquisitions and divestments that are built on a holistic understanding of your company. This holistic approach enables us to identify, evaluate and open up growth opportunities that place a strong focus on contributing to long-term value creation. From assessing your company strategy through to entering new markets – together, we can make your transaction a success.

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Legal M&A

Legal expertise, industry knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions: We maintain a strong focus on business and legal related factors for your consideration. In this way, we can minimise the transaction-related risks for your company. In addition to our specific expertise, our clients benefit from our international network. Takeovers, mergers and other changes: We’re your partner for every transaction, from due diligence through to closing – and beyond!

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Deals Tax

Successful transactions require the right tax strategy. That’s why we support our clients even before the purchase decision in order to create the basis for successful negotiations. We aim to optimise existing structures and implement new structures whenever necessary – even after the transaction has been closed. From tax due diligence, tax structuring, tax modelling or tax SPA advice, we work together with you and your team to create a tax-optimised deal process for your company.

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Valuation, Modeling & Analytics

We identify value: Successful transactions rely on a precise valuation. We use our comprehensive industry knowledge and take advantage of the latest data analytics tools to develop efficient and innovative solutions that are customised to meet the specific requirements of your industry. Let’s go looking for potential added value for your company together!

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Deal Analytics & Technology

We can work with you and your team to analyse and interpret complex data, and to organise it within the context of your company’s strategy. We combine the most up-to-date analytical methods with our deep industry knowledge to support you in gaining detailed insights into your company that enable you to create long-term value. Together, we can explore the potential within your data and make sound decisions for the long-term success of your company!

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Capital Markets

Together with you and your team, we can get your company ready to enter the capital markets. As an IPO consultancy, we are always focused on your company’s long-term success and understand what the market demands. We assess the stock-market-readiness of your company, provide independent and objective consultancy, and evaluate the risks associated with your IPO. Let’s join together to make your stock market flotation a success!

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Transactions Accounting

Company accounting is becoming increasingly complex: We can work with you to harmonise transactions with respect to your consolidated accounts. We advise you on accounting and reporting issues around transactions and keep an eye on ESG criteria along the entire deal lifecycle. Together, we can identify potential accounting benefits from your planned transaction – and use our expertise to help you achieve success.

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Business Diligence

Whether you are interested in an acquisition, a divestment or a merger: We analyse the risks and opportunities of the transaction – from business, legal and tax-related perspectives. Experts from the various disciplines within our comprehensive Due Diligence Services team work closely together at all times. By combining our longstanding expertise and our global network with digital methods, we’re able to identify potential opportunities and minimise risks. We use the right analytical approach to create an accurate evaluation of your target company – while always offering full transparency and maintaining a strong focus on the entire value proposition.

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Working Capital Management & Solutions

We support you in creating a tangible competitive advantage for your company through optimised working capital management – even in uncertain times. We maintain a strong focus on the entire process to optimise your liquidity while also generating profit. From identifying potential opportunities and defining goals through to implementation: Let’s join together to increase your company’s value – over the long-term and in a way that drives growth.

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Separation & Integration

We support you in understanding complex transaction processes and structures. Together, we can identify potential opportunities to increase financial value, develop long-term growth strategies and support you in their implementation. In every phase of the transaction, we maintain a strong focus on your goals and your ongoing business processes. Let’s join together to develop optimised carve-out and M&A integration projects for your company.

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ESG in Deals

“The heat is on”, warns the Chief Risk Officers Forum urgently in its position paper. The Forum estimates that the climate emergency could lead up to USD 550 trillion in losses around the globe. But rising global temperatures are not the only existential financial threat faced by companies. Other ecological and social risks can also jeopardise a company's future.

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Industry sectors

Industries and markets are constantly changing. However, even though the forces driving change are similar, they result in unique questions and specific challenges for the various industries. Our Deals team has deep industry knowledge, longstanding experience and leading transactions expertise from across industries. Whatever change your industry is going through – we can support you at every stage in the entire transaction process.

Public Enterprises and Institutions

Our Infrastructure Advisory team supports state and private infrastructure providers. Our comprehensive knowledge of regulation, public and private financing, technology and organisation makes us the leading partner in this sector.

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Financial Services

Our Financial Services Deals team provides reliable and trusted support when it comes to analysing and implementing strategic options, and creates transparency for your decisions.

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Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be extremely demanding – and that’s why comprehensive, effective Deal advice is essential. Our flexible concepts create a competitive advantage for investors and make transactions easier.

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Energy Sector

Our specialised Energy, Utilities and Resources Deals team helps you to achieve your strategic goals by providing reliable advice in all commercial, financial, business-related and regulatory questions.

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Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics sector is highly international, requiring a holistic approach to respond to the various unique challenges in this industry. From acquisitions to divestments: Our experts accompany you at every stage.

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Health Industries

Our specialised Healthcare team has decades of experience and deep industry knowledge. The team provides reliable support in every phase of your transaction process – to ensure a secure and successful execution.

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Retail and Consumer

Our specialised Retail and Consumer (R&C) Deals team provides comprehensive industry knowledge to support you in generating the maximum value for your company.

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Private Equity

Our Private Equity (PE) team provides advice throughout the entire transaction process. The team helps you to identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets – and works closely with your company.

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Industrial Products

From the chemical industry through to machine engineering, from restructuring to M&A: Our Deals experts in the Industrial Products team are by your side for all questions related to this field and support you with their long standing industry expertise.

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Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Our Deals team observes the latest global trends and consistently analyses the market for technology, media and telecommunications. We use our comprehensive expertise to help you implement your transaction effectively.

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Our clients benefit from our industry knowledge and global network of experts. With our expertise, we support you in executing transactions and restructuring projects – and help you generate value for your company.

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What makes us different? We are the best partner for every transaction.

The Transactions team at PwC can support you in finding the best answers to any question you may face. With a team of more than 1,000 transactions experts in Germany alone, our expertise spans all industries, sectors and technologies. We listen to you to make sure we understand your organisation’s structure, its products and services, and the transactions you’re planning. As M&A specialists and valued advisors for legal matters, we provide a customised service tailored to your goals.

By working together with you and your team, we’re always ready for the next step in the transaction process. We take advantage of the latest comprehensive data and analytics technologies. This supports a fast evaluation of your data and also creates transparency by providing real-time data visualisation.

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Whether you’re buying or selling: Our clients know they can rely on the Deals team from PwC – as the world’s leading consultancy for transactions.

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