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Acquisitions, mergers and divestments: Deep knowledge for future-facing strategic decisions

Today’s data-driven business world is combining with new technologies to make it possible to analyse and evaluate large and complex volumes of data faster than ever before. With the latest disruptive technologies and analytical processes, PwC helps its clients gain deep insights into their companies. Our global network of experts and our deep industry expertise enable our clients to benefit from the latest insights and stay up-to-date on the most recent developments. Analysing data can help you understand your company or the target company more comprehensively. We work together with our clients to analyse and interpret the results, put them in the broader context of the company strategy and create direct added value.

Customers face a significant range of questions when planning a transaction: Can we strengthen our portfolio through suitable mergers and acquisitions that generate synergies for our company? Which figures do we need to analyse before a potential acquisition or divestment? Which digital tools can help us to conduct due diligence? Can we identify future risks at an early stage? And how can we get the maximum added value for our company after completing a deal?

Getting into the details: Taking advantage of complex data

The Deal Analytics & Technology team at PwC supports clients throughout the various due diligence phases and beyond, from analysing large volumes of complex data or organising and processing it using the latest IT tools, through to data visualisation in dashboards. We can enable you to see your company’s data in real time and use it to support decision-making. Staying up-to-date means understanding the Internet of Things and cloud computing, but also actively taking advantage of them. We support you by giving you the best possible advice at the right time so that you can make the right decisions. We’ll show you how to tap into the full potential of your data – now.

Information that adds value and drives success for your company

Expert data analysis can empower you to see your business model in a new light. We help you create innovative new business models and reach new customers or enter new markets – by looking at your data in detail. We use our decades of experience in transactions, as well as the latest technologies and analytical processes, to quickly transform complex and disorganised data into information that drives success for your company. We achieve this by working together with the transaction experts in our other Deal teams. Our Mergers and Acquisitions team helps you to prepare for your transaction in the best possible way, and we also provide services for commercial, financial and operational due diligence that support you in generating sustainable added value. We provide comprehensive advice, from acquisitions through to mergers, carve-outs and post-merger integration. By providing the full range of services from a single source, we’re your experts for the entire transaction process. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we’ll get the best deal for you, even in times of great change.

“Deal Analytics & Technology” is part of our transaction process. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

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